Wireless and Fiber Optic be the solution to your Network

Wireless is technology without cable, in this case is to have telecommunications using electromagnetic waves instead of cables. Nowadays wireless technology is growing rapidly, by naked eye can be seen by the increasing number of cellular telephone usage, in addition to the evolving wireless technology is also used to access the internet

Our selection of wireless technologies to support rapid and stable internet. With our wireless connection can reach remote areas that are difficult to reach by the media as well as adsl fiber optic cable.

5.8GHz frequency is the frequency that we use to connect the internet to customers. This frequency was chosen because it can result in greater throughput than the 2.4GHz frequency.

Internet connection using a wireless 5.8GHz frequency connection tends to be more stable for online gaming than an internet connection that uses media such as ADSL and cable telephone cellular modem. Due to the resulting connection can generate CCQ (Client Connection Quality) balanced between its transmit and receive.


glass and plastic tubes are capable of transmitting light, then converted into sound, speech or information. Fiber optics consisting fields associated with the study and application of fiber optic technology. Fiber optic cable is also known as fiber optic cable. These cables use pulses of light to carry and transmit data from point to point. Fiber optic cables can transmit data and signals at higher bandwidth and at a faster pace than traditional copper or aluminum cable lines. It can be used in a variety of data transmission applications.


Terms and Conditions For Customers


three angle tower is one of the terms and conditions that must be supplied by the customer. tower three angle serves to put the antenna that will capture our signal. Three angle tower height should be adjusted to local terrain conditions.

Why should use tower ?
The use of tower advised to maintain a stable connection from either interfrensi interference caused by the frequency and natural conditions . In addition to the use of the tower to minimize its long period of down time due to repairs at any time if there is damage to the devices in the tower of customers .

For customers who do not have a three angle towers can we help her with the cost to get to the tower three size 20 CM angle iron 12 cm diameter and 8 cm in diameter to one million Rupiah (Rp.1000.000) per stack.



Height Tower
Diameter Tower
Lightning Protector
Where You Know
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Router is one of the requirements that must be provided by the customer If you want sharing connection . Plenggan Generally we use artificial Mikrotik Router Board 750 for the management of its routing and bandwidth management . Router specifications must be adapted to the needs of the customer network .

Syarat dan ketentuan

1. Customers are given for one week trial period to try out the quality of the connection. After completion of the trial period the customer shall pay the registration fee and the connection to the next month.
2. If using a wireless set of wireless devices to connect to our network of loan during the subscription period. And for the use of Fiber Optic cables for connecting a set of network tools will we lend such converter
3. If there is damage to the tools we lend will be entirely our responsibility.
4. Provider is responsible for the connection on one computer only to subscribers. (Not responsible for the customer LAN or network) If you need help please connect our technician personally.

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The Products We Provide To You


Connection Needs
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Shared Connection


Shared connection is fast and stable package that we offer to you with the facility :

  • Bandwidth up to
  • Using private ip address
  • Uploads smaller than the download
  • Cost negotiable

Broadband Connection


Broadband connection is fast and stable package that we offer to you with the facility :

  • Bandwidth up to 1:1
  • Using public ip address
  • Uploads smaller than the download
  • Cost negotiable

Dedicated Connection


Dedicated connection is fast and stable package that we offer to you with the facility :

  • Dedicated bandwidth 1:1
  • public ip address negotiable
  • upload and download balance
  • Cost negotiable


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